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Wild Woman Wilderness Instructors

The Wild Woman Wilderness Instructors are experienced outdoor educators who put compassion and connection at the forefront of their teaching and guiding. They come with years of experience and have 1000s of days working and guiding in the mountains, forests and deserts. They have all worked for the best and largest outdoor education organizations in the industry. You will be sure to feel safe, comfortable and wild while being lead by these women.  


Patty Haltom (she/her/they)

Patty has spent the last 13 years guiding different groups of people in the outdoors! She is extremely passionate about the thought of: the more time you spend outside, the better your health and your willingness to be a kind person in this world will be!  She believes that approaching everyone with compassion and understandung is the best way to teach anyone a new skill and approach any type of conflict. Patty started this all women's outdoor adventure organization in order for women to find a safe place to learn, connect and let their wild selves feel free to show up completely authentic! She cant wait to meet you on an adventure! 

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Amy Borch (she/her/they)

Amy is an artist and guide committed to mountain safety and facilitating collaborative spaces in what she calls "the outdoor studio". She adopts the mindset that curiosity within the technical and logistical structure of an outdoor experience can introduce  possibility. Amy believes that education provides a base camp for those who wish to explore the outdoors, with the idea that once folks can apply the skills needed to manage and mitigate risk, they get to invent where their experience might lead them and cocreate with the unknown.  


Whether Amy is teaching a women/non-binary focused trad climbing clinic in New England or an alpine backpacking seminar for veterans in the Sierra, she works to curate excellence in the performance and application of technical skills while simultaneously grounding educational progressions in awareness of the individual connection to self, community, and the diverse natural and social landscapes we access. 


Amy’s outdoor career began while working for the National Park Service as a steward of our public lands and then went on to explore conservation, outdoor education, and commercial guiding. Amy currently focuses on facilitating groups and individuals outside with specialized outcomes while also working as an artist to produce a body of work sourced from storytelling, natural motifs, and graphic representations of self-discovered symbology.


Bri Boehrmann (she/her)

Bri is someone you might call a Desert Diva! She lives for days, weeks and months spent living and thriving in desert environments! Bri comes to us with years of experience working in all different types of deserts and with an immense amount of knowledge about the landscapes of Joshua Tree. Bri will be helping with logisitics and any additional needs we might have in the field! 

Bri also runs and owns an All Womens Outdoor company called, Deva Soul Journeys, that operates out of the Southwest in Santa Fe, New Mexico!

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