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This booklet goes over the basic knowledge needed to assess a scene, a patient and help get them to safety if they are not severly injured. It will go over how to wrap ankles when sprained/rolled, how to sling an arm using whatever clothing items you have, how to take care of blisters, what ticks to look out for that cause Lyme Disease and Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever as well as how to fill out a SOAP note (used for EMS or when patient visits the hospital)


All information was collected and has been learned by Patty Haltom who holds over 300+ hours of training in Wilderness First Responder as well as 1000s of days of working in the backcountry and dealing with a multitude of injuries. Patty has received all her training from SOLO Schools and NOLS Wilderness Medicine. 

Wilderness First Aid Booklet - Project Reteach

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