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Project Reteach
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I help empower women, girls, and all female-identified individuals through outdoor adventure and outdoor experiences. Project Reteach aims to help reteach how you live your life to be able to move forward down the best trail for you. 

*We also offer a handful of adventures for all genders (including males).


This series of workshops and short overnight trips helps get your feeling comfortable about recreating and adventuring in the outdoors while learning essential outdoor skills with a group of women who are excited to do the same!

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As an experienced backpacking guide, outdoor educator, and woman with miles of solo adventuring experience, I'm here to help coach you get out on your first solo adventure! Why solo? Why not! Solo experiences in the outdoors allow us to reflect, turn inward, and truly enjoy our adventure in the wild. Not to mention all the confidence you'll feel after doing it! :) 

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Outdoor adventure and Yoga Retreats will be offered 6-8 times a year with trips ranging from 2 days to 8 days around the US and potential international trips in the future. Additionally, I will be offering beginner-level courses in outdoor bouldering, plant identification and more. Stay tuned to the happenings with Rewilding Women Project and Project Reteach by subscribing to our newsletter!! 

Kelsy S.

"I would highly recommend anyone giving these programs a try! Wild Woman Series was an amazing way to connect with like minded women in Indy, have a reason to get outside - even in the cold, and learn some new outdoor tips and tricks!
10/10 would recommend!

Elise M.

"This backpacking trip taught me that the logistics of backpacking is only about 10% of what these adventures are all about. It's so much more than just learning how to be on an expedition in the outdoors. It's incredible!"

Michelle C.

"The confidence and incredible feeling I had after completing this backpacking trip was unmatched! I cannot recommend working and adventuring with Patty enough!" 


Get to Know Us

Project Reteach helps empower women and girls through outdoor adventures. 

Project Reteach started off an idea that came about in 2020 when it was clear that the whole world needed a huge shift.

These programs are meant to help women and girls get into the outdoors on their own by building the skills and confidence to be in nature either on their own or with other women. 

So often I hear women tell me, "I only do this with my boyfriend, but I would love to learn my own skills!" 

This is where I come in to help you develop the technical skills as well as the confidence in yourself to get outside and get adventuring! Not only will these various courses help you feel more empowered in the outdoors, these workshops, retreats and classes  will also help transfer those feelings of confidence and self-belief to your life back home. 

I am here to help you Reteach your body and Reteach your mind in order to change your life! 

Check out an offering now under the Bookings page!


Adventure Yoga Retreats and Team-Building

Guiding you to work through tough communication skills in incredible outdoor settings. 

Empower Your Business through Team-Building Days!

Work with an experienced team building facilitator to plan, prepare and customize the perfect day for your team to connect, learn, grow and most importantly - have fun!


Get in Touch with Project Reteach 

Questions, comments or requests? Feel free to reach out, we’d love to hear from you about anything! 

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